Built for more endurance to protect those who protect us.

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75 minute flight time

Say goodbye to range anxiety

TriStar’s drones have been designed for efficiency and increased flight times to better serve your needs. From our patent-pending frame to our proprietary power management system, our drones fly longer and further than any other drone in our category.

TriStar Multicopters builds drones specially designed to meet the challenging operational requirements of first responders. We offer greater reliability in all weather conditions, from -10 degrees Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) to 60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit). TriStar’s drone for first responders also offers a longer flight time than any other drone in its class, ensuring that first responders have a constant eye in the sky throughout emergency situations.


The Raptor

Our patent-pending asymmetric tricopter configuration allows us to lift more batteries, in a smaller, lighter and more compact frame, increasing overall flight time.


Take it with you – Everywhere

The Raptor folds up into a compact package, easy to transport. Fits in a backpack or the trunk of a car, you can now have your high powered, long flight time drone anywhere the job takes you.


The Battery

TriStar uses smart lithium-ion batteries designed specifically to extend our flight time. Our batteries can also be fast-charged or swapped out between flights.


Frame TypePatent-Pending Asymmetric Tricopter
Flight Time75 minutes
Range10km (6.2 Miles)
Power ManagementSmart proprietary power management system that increases flight time


Capacity466 Watt hours