The Drone Advantage

Preprogram flight paths, set up geofences for safety, and watch over permanent and temporary work sites with drones. Keep your people safe, while safeguarding your equipment. Drones act as a force multiplier, allow your security teams to do more, faster, and safer.

The TriStar Difference

Flying 90 minutes, TriStar drones can hover longer than any other drone in our category. Small, light and portable, allowing security guards to carry them and deploy them quickly and easily. Our Falcon and Arctic lines allow safety personnel to fly our drones in any weather conditions, rain or shine, and even in snowy conditions.



Preprogrammed autonomous flights:

Program your drone to continuously and automatically patrol your work sites, infrastructure or property. Allows security personnel to focus on the live video footage and to immediately jump to action in the case of an emergency or threat.


Perimeter Security:

Zoom in or use a thermal camera to detect a threat at right at the perimeter, before it becomes a serious problem. Protect your property from theft and vandalism. Don’t let short flight times keep you blind for long periods of time.


Protect Your Infrastructure:

Quickly detect equipment malfunctions on large work sites. With our drones in the air for more than one hour at a time, quickly detect equipment malfunctions and take actions before it becomes a larger issue.



Safety always comes first at TriStar. Use our geofencing capabilities to always keep the drone within your property and away from buildings. If winds force the drone outside your geofence, the parachutes will be deployed, and your drone, equipment, and buildings will be kept safe.