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The Drone Advantage

Drones are increasingly used in mining as a low-cost alternative to the traditional ground-based surveying equipment.

The TriStar Difference

Flying 75 minutes, TriStar drones can hover longer and cover more ground than any other drone on the market to provide enhanced data capturing capabilities.

TriStar has partnered with a mining and geology software company to bring the most customized solutions to exploration surveying and stockpile surveying needs.


Promine uses the native 3-dimensional aspect of CAD software to enable users to produce functional models of working, planned or past mines. The main focus is on the development of technology for underground mines, open-pit mining, as well as strictly geological activities.


Progeox interacts with CAD software and is a proven solution for all geology needs. Create block models, implicit models of a lithology and analyze your data using geostatistics. The software allows users to maintain updated geological information drawings through its compatibility with Access and SQL.



Exploration Surveying

Use Progeox to create mesh maps, geochemical concentration maps, solid maps and geological maps. Calculate volume and tonnage, produce models of geometry-grade relations and analyze data using exploratory data analysis.
• Mesh Map
• Geological Map
• Solid Map
• Geochemical Concentration Mapping
• Exploratory Data Analysis
• Geostatistics

Using a TriStar Drone powered by Progeox, create a customizable solution for all exploration needs. Tristar Drones allow for the collection of survey data and geological data rapidly. Get a greater range and flight time to gather better data for more accurate models.



Stockpile Surveying

Use Promine to create solid and mesh maps, calculate volume and tonnage, and compare with previous results to build your intelligence unit.
• Solid Map
• Mesh Map
• Volume & Tonnage Calculations

Using a TriStar Drone powered by Promine, create a customizable solution for all surveying needs. Collect data points and estimate stockpile resources. TriStar Drones can survey a large terrain rapidly and more efficiently than any other surveying solution. Get a greater range, a higher value over fixed-wing drones and increased flexibility to reassign resources to higher value-added activities.