Law Enforcement

Achieve tactical superiority while reducing risk with TriStar.

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The Drone Advantage

A bird’s-eye view of chaotic emergency situations allows police officers to better plan their response, keeping officers and members of the public safer than ever before.

The TriStar Difference

Flying 75 minutes, TriStar drones can hover longer and cover more ground than any other drone on the market to provide life-saving actionable aerial intelligence.



Crowd Monitoring:

See deeper into the crowd than ever before. Aerial views allow Police to follow suspects into a mass without putting civilians at risk. A drone’s live feed can also help locate people who might need assistance in the crowd and cannot call out for help.


Active Shooter Control:

Send video of active shooter tracking directly to the monitoring device of a member of the intervention team.


Surveillance During an Investigation:

Gain an additional viewpoint for scouting areas that might be difficult or dangerous to access without being seen.


Crime Scene/Traffic Collision Reconstruction:

An aerial view helps officers to quickly create a control plan when dealing with a crime scene or vehicle accidents. It also allows them to get footage from the scene before any changes occur.